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URW has a in-house Mustang Dynamometer making it simple and stress free to complete your build from start to finish.
Clients are able to safely watch their vehicle on the dyno from our Dyno Viewing Bar located in the lobby.

Dyno Rental : $220/hr
Dyno Power Pulls : $190 for 3 Pulls

Due to the large variety of vehicles we service, URW works with tuners from all around the country that specialize in each specific platform. Even if they're not local, they can more than likely tune your car remotely when partnered with us! Know which tuner you would like to dial in your car? Lets figure out a date that works with our dyno schedule and your supplied tuners schedule! 

How it works: Book a time and date that works for everyone's schedule, pay your tuner to reserve the spot, arrive at URW 45 minutes before your scheduled time, we will inspect your car and get it strapped down in time for your tune. Dyno rental with us starts from when your cars tires hit the rollers to when tuning is complete and the vehicle rolls of the dyno at an hourly rate of $200/hr.

Don't know which tuner to go with? Give us a call or check out our list of tuners we work with often!

Recommended Tuners:

Tuning We Offer:

Subaru, Audi, Chevy, Link ECU


Aftermarket ECUs & Standalones

All builds completed by URW will be assisted in facilitating a tune if vehicle is not supportted by above list, offering a all in one experience.

E46 M3, E39 M5

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